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Essential Roller Bottles For Kids

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Proprietary blends specially designed for kids:

Calmer Restful Blend promotes a serene atmosphere, allowing bedtime to be a peaceful and welcomed experience. When it's time to restore your mind and body, apply Calmer to your wrists and neck to breathe, and relax.

Ideal for everyone and for daily use, Thinker Supportive Blend is the optimal support to use when distractions are high. Thinker is a naturally sourced way to promote a sense of calm and clarity. Herbal and slightly sweet, the unique aroma helps instill feelings of clarity. Apply to wrists and neck.

As the newest addition to the doTERRA Kids Collection, Tamer blends Spearmint, Japanese Peppermint, Ginger, Parsley Seed, and Black Pepper in a Fractionated Coconut Oil base to create an amazing essential oil for a soothing abdominal massage after a large meal or apply to back of neck for a soothing aroma.